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With experience in the SETUP process, operation and team of experienced specialists in the field, NGUYENKHANG Group wishes to share our customer support in the business process by TRAINING about SPA / Managers on how to Organization, facility management, advanced training as well as UPDATE the latest beauty technologies in the world to best serve customers.

SPA MANAGEMENT, SPA is a problem for many INVESTORS because there is no standard model to apply: CONSULTING PROCESS, WHAT THE SERVICE REQUIRES, PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTION PROCESS, PROCESS CALCULATION AND SERVICES, PROCESS FOR OTHER PARTIES? Too headache for the INVESTORS. However, with NGUYENKHANG Group, it is easy, forms, formulas, processes have been accumulated, perfected and packaged, easy for anyone to use will be the best advantage which FOR INVESTORS to apply in management and operation.

Combined with available technology and updated products, the product comes - NGUYENKHANG Group always pioneered in new services, this is the basic advantage that few units in the same field matched - If customers Joining with the programs of NGUYENKHANG Group, your establishment is sure to be the pioneer, leading in services and technology - For in this field, going slowly than the opponent one day, You may be far behind and hard to catch up when you missing.

Advantage is the agent of reputable equipment suppliers in the world, NGUYENKHANG Group is regularly the partners are the leading experts of equipment suppliers to transfer and training to effectively apply for The direct customers as well as the INVESTORS use equipment of NGUYENKHANG Group distribution. We believe that, with the support of NGUYENKHANG Group, the Investors as well as your personnel system will be leapfrogged and developed rapidly compared to other competitors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for consultation on training programs, transfer, operation of NGUYENKHANG Group is updated regularly to the system.

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2 Advanced Technical Device Training
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