With our experience and advantages in the process of doing business, NGUYENKHANG Group is proud to be the distributor of many big equipment manufacturers in the world in Vietnam in such fields as: Elevator, M & E, Construction , Environment, ... Therefore, the equipment field is a special advantage of NGUYENKHANG Group compared with other competitors.

Intensive in the field of beauty, NGUYENKHANG Group has been the prestigious equipment companies in the world such as America, Korea, ... trust to act as a agent of beauty products, regularly updated the latest technologies such as: High-grade LASER Machine PICOSURE LASER, HIFU ULTRAFOMER Skin Rejuvenator Machine, FRACTIONAL CO2 Rejuvenation and scars treatment Machine, CRYOLIPOLYSIS, USA Technology Dongguan Slimming Machine - CRYOLIPOLYSIS, white spray white sprayer in Europe, HAIR REMOVE machines, OXYGEN latest technology, ... and are trusted by many customers in Vietnam with quality assurance, post-sale after-sales Totally reliable. NGUYENKHANG Group has consulted, provided and helped thousands of customers operating stable, prestigious and brand with the quality of products and services is a priority.

The technology is constantly updated and changing, the machines often malfunctioning, repairing affect the quality of service delivery is a common situation on the market today due to the limited, resources of the supply Machines of unknown origin, quality are not guaranteed, after-sales support staff are not professional, narrow business system does not meet the market demand. Come to NGUYENKHANG Group you are completely assured that with a professional working style, sales teams and technical support throughout the country will be ready to support customers immediately when needed.

Customers have the need to consult, set up, purchase aesthetic equipment and support the development of treatment for spa facilities, beauty NGUYENKHANG Group is the first choice for the prestige, Guaranteed and committed to support, along with customers.


Fields: Providing Beauty Equipment
1 Electromechanical & Elevator Device
Hotline: 0989.001818/02473.009966
Address: 7 Floor - 74 Yen Lang - Dong Da - Hanoi
2 Beauty - SPA Device (Hanoi)
Hotline: 0987.973098/02473.009966
Address: 7 Floor - 74 Yen Lang - Dong Da - Hanoi
3 Beauty - SPA Device (HCM)
Hotline: 0986.500055/02873.009966
Address: Villa 8 - 8A Tu Xuong Street - 3 District - HCM
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