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With a mission to help the community of investors in the field of cosmetic, SPA build and develop the brand as well as business results which is increasing, contributing to help more and more customers access to the beauty facilities with multi service packages and quality is increasing, women's community will be more beautiful, more and more happy life. Last time, NGUYENKHANG Group has not stopped working with advertising agencies, media events companies, actively explore, learn, create and apply traditional marketing channels as well as new channels of development to maximize the efficiency of the customer.

In the flat world of today, if do not apply the appropriate channels and marketing campaigns, you will not be able to develop your business, and it will naturally be eliminated sooner or later. Therefore, the wise INVESTORS are those who seize the opportunity, take the investment, use the appropriate marketing channels at the same time, will break through the lead and far beyond the other opponents.

Intensive in the BEAUTY field , MARKETING AND ADVERTISING ARE NOT SIMPLE because of the strategy, brand, product / service, customer, secret to attract customers, content, human resoure. So, if a unit does not understand the operation will be very wasteful and can not bring the desired effect. That is not to mention if not effective, the Marketing also makes the INVESTOR bankruptcy faster because COST is more than the RESULTS. Therefore, if there is no professional deployment team, the selection of partners to support, develop and implement the MARKETING plan is a vital issue of the INVESTORS.

With the active deployment of business systems and has supported hundreds of customers are the owners of the SPA nationwide strong and sustainable development, NGUYENKHANG Group confidently will support the maximum INVESTORS / CUSTOMERS should pay close attention to their activities, build brand and long-term development strategy, leading the market area in the future.

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