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29/09/17 09:45
Choosing an interior design company is very simple but choosing a company that specializes in Interior Design for SPA, SALON, Cosmetics is not simple due to lack of experience in depth.

 The living conditions have been improved, and the demand for health care and beauty has also increased. And Spa, Beauty salon are the places where people choose. Also, the number of spas also increased significantly. So, Spa want to stand on the market and affirmed its position, the brand must have a team of skilled staff, modern machinery ... In which, the spa interior space is also a important factor in the success of Spa.

The spa interior is beautifully designed, harmonious, luxurious will help customers get the feeling of comfort and maximum relaxation. Not only that, the interior design of the spa helps to create a unique character for your Spa without any other spa. All these factors help your Spa create a good impression with customers and reach the highest level of interest.

Having grasped this demand, NGUYENKHANG Group has soon deployed the consultancy and set-up of Spa facilities nationwide, through the deployment process, the engineers of NGUYENKHANG Group have consulted, designed and launched for many SPA with NEO-CLASSICAL style - This is the style most of the INVESTORS use, because it's a combination of noble and modern, luxurious, suitable for reception and beauty services. That's why the brand name BOZA was born. - Being a subsidiary in the chain of units of NGUYENKHANG. - Specializing in consulting, designing, interior decoration for SPA, BEAUTY - And style of NEO-CLASSICAL the main way of BOZA.

The following is the image of the LA BELLA Beauty System project series recently conducted by BOZA, customers refer to:

Luxury living room, 5 star level

A corner of the living room with luxury cabinets for cosmetic

Room service is both luxurious and cozy

Another reasonable arrangement of the Service Room at LA BELLA SPA

Luxurious living room at a branch in Hanoi of La Bella Spa

Room service like this gives customers the warmth and friendliness

If you have the demand for Interior Design Consultant SPA, SALON, BEAUTY in the style of NEO-CLASSICAL, then NGUYENKHANG Group and BOZA Furniture will be the right choice and your top.

NGUYENKHANG Group and BOZA Furniture are pleased to be with you.

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